Jet Lag

We’ve arrived here a couple of days ago and yesterday thought that we had the jet lag resolved.
When waking up today around 5am we realised we were wrong 😉 but kicked off the day with a small trip to the university. That got the best of 3 hours of our time, after which, we went for some apartment hunting!

Let me tell you this – the guy showing us the apartments was smart to build up the tension towards a nice place that is a bit over our budget 😦

But fear not! we will be going on a solo hunt tomorrow!

Other than that – got my student card today and it is a nice and yellow picture ! but now it’s official.

pictures and stuff soon

Massachusetts rocks!

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2 Responses to Jet Lag

  1. Hagit Mittelman says:

    I Wish you a happy birthday and may you use this day to find what ever you need for the near future, enjoy your next year as much as you can!!!!

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