Boston night

I didn’t have much time to update but I promise I’ll have another post today or tomorrow.
Here’s one:

Two nights ago we went out for an evening in Boston.
We were both very tired so we made it something quick and went to “Faneuil hall”.

Note #1 – Do not park in the parking building next to it!!! 22$ = less than an hour.

On the lighter side, the area is quite nice, we saw this amazing street performer that beats on kitchen utensils.

The floor is VERY old (I had problems walking with high heels) but quite charming.
See here:

First of all, this is a new thing we are doing – we party pose our fingers and yell “Spring break!!!” we thing it’s hilarious.

like this one of Shira, going “Spring break!” in front of a ridiculously long Hummer limo:

We stepped into a sports memorabilia store (yes, I AM using a speller) to honour the Celtics:

Walked by a franchise:

And Shira had a snack:

Long story short – We had a ball…

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1 Response to Boston night

  1. the lil sister says:

    you wretched bastards!
    awesome pictures, the one of shira and the limo is genius.

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