Bank Account

While Eliad is writing about all the fun stuff, I’m in charge of the boring stuff.

Almost anyone can open an account, all you need is:
1. Two forms of identification (passport and driving license will suffice).
2. An address in the US (also, almost optional – we gave the hotel address since we didn’t have an apartment yet) .

We’ve opened two accounts:
A Saving Account – You deposit into this account, you can’t always draw. It’s basically like the monthly deposit we have in Israel.
A Checking Account – this is the current account where you draw and deposit money any time you want.

Usually, you will open both accounts.  Once you open the account, you get a temp Debit Card, and a permanent one will be delivered a week after. This card does not give you any credit (for that you will need social security number), but you can use it instead of cash – almost everywhere.

After we’ll update the real address (we’re Arlingtonians!) we will order a check-book, which was the main reason for all this – we need it to pay the rent.

Pretty easy, now we’re in the system. Hmmm.

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1 Response to Bank Account

  1. munir, your beloved niece says:

    we are already waiting for the pictures of you in Neot-Sapir heights 😉
    love, Noa and Nona

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