Boston day

Boston field trip happened to us today and it was awesome!
First, while temperatures rose in Israel (we were sorry to hear that), over here it began to rain and cool-down…

And amidst this fine weather we parked our car at Malden and took the subway to Boston. Within 15 minutes we’ve found ourselves walking smack-down downtown Boston (how cool is that?).

All credits to the pictures below goes to Shira.

The thing to realise about Boston is that it is relatively small. It isn’t a huge metropolitan area like NY or LA. Without including the surrounding cities, Boston alone is compact, old and beautiful.

First stop – China Town.
We exited the subway next to Macy’s and walked down to the Boston Common” Park (filled with monuments telling the tale of the area which is intertwined with the early American history)

This is the Tourist info-centre:

So, moving on to China town (where even Dunkin’-Doughnuts is in Chinese) there were a ton of nice places to eat and we chose the one that cooks almost anything that swims or walks (and every part of it).

Every part? (Shira was sceptic)

YES – inside and outside.
I went on the easy approach and took a chicken soup and a couple of Steamed vegetable buns.
Along came this (I didn’t figure out most dishes are sharing sizes!!!):

Along came the “I dare you” look:

And so I dared until I could dare no more (5 bites):

we went on in the nice rain and grabbed a cup of the nearest thing to an espresso

Walked to the financial district and this is where we grabbed glimpse of the city’s architecture:

But the rest is in this slideshow:

Until next time 😉

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