Getting there…

Important update
3 significant things happened today:
1. I got my social security card.
2. We signed a deal for Internet and phone and it will be up and running tomorrow (!!!)
3. Has a story attached:

As some of you may know, the coffee here is less than fitting to our european, exquisite, taste. So we took our espresso machine from Israel, knowing that we will need a transformer etc.

Problem is, the machine is 1280 Watts, which requires a transformer capable of about 2500 Watts (trust me, I’ve done the research).
With that kind of power, we were looking at heavy duty transformers that come with warnings, buttons, meters, gauges and are expensive.

Long story short – we called Nespresso north America and asked for help. They said that they do not recommend using a transformer because it may kill the machine.

Here is where I started crying.

The lady on the other side told me that since we are suffering, they are willing to sell us a machine with 50% discount!

So thank god for that story, and now we’ve just had our exquisite cup of Espresso after a long long wait….

Further updates tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Getting there…

  1. Hagit Mittelman says:

    Do you need capsuls 23 for 50 Shekels?

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