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Almost (on the way) there

Tonight is our last night in Israel. Sunday morning we will be taking off to the US. It’s pretty exciting to think our next night-sleep will be some place new. We are almost done packing (coffee machine and Wii to … Continue reading

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Counting down

We are flying out on the 15th, everything is 90% complete. All that is left is to pack… which is more than 10% but we’ll make it… After getting 3 needles stuck in me, I contacted the university and they … Continue reading

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The Liver of DOOM

Well, the application at the embassy went ok but then some bloodwork came to light (not related to the embassy… pay attention!): Turnes out all the vaccinations needed for the trip are missing… Oddly enough, I DID get them earlier … Continue reading

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Forms are here!

After the long wait, I finally got the forms from the university. The embassy interview is set for this Wednesday and, if all goes well, I may have the visa by the end of this week. updates soon

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