Assorted Updates

Due to large scale demand (really, there was a petition with two names on it!), I’ve decided to give a you few updates on how’s it going here in the little town of Arlington.


  1. We’ve been to the outlets again, this time it was really fun and we bought all sort of clothes and stuff. For example, Eliad got this cool backpack from Columbia:
  2. We bought a few furnitures from a nice store in Somerville:
  3. And… we both have American cell phones! We went to AT&T and bought ourselves SIM cards for our phones. When we got home we found out they made a bunch of mistakes in our order, and I spent a nice full hour talking to Kyle from their Customer Service. Eventually it was fixed, so I guess it was worth it.

And just to make this post a bit more exciting, here are a couple of photos:

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1 Response to Assorted Updates

  1. iris says:

    and our cell phones nos. are: !!!

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