In Israel, there is a traditional parade that happens in the holiday “Purim” known as the “Ad-Lo-Yada”.

Well, here Oktoberfest is afoot and the locals have their own “Honk parade” running from In Cambridge from Porter square(ish) to Harvard square (

So, what does it have to do with Oktoberfest?
Absolutely nothing. But hey, they are looking for a reason to celebrate and found one so why not…

We caught a glimpse of this parade Sunday (yesterday) almost by mistake and we were blown away (Figuratively, not like in Israel). It is very much like the Ad-Lo-Yada only it doesn’t suck and the pople attending it take their performance seriously and are happy to attend. Not those cheesy paper-mash dolls that are there each and every year – The Honk parade is for street marching bands and “Activist street bands”. You get to see activist-groups (free Tibet, Green earth and whatever – doing a number or just marching with a nice exhibit).

Our band of choice – “The rude marching band”:


These performers took their free time to prepare an act and they do such a nice job at it that the parade is very colourful and enjoyable.
Also worth mentioning, this man dancing on crutches:

And the barbecue activist group (“Meet, Meat, Eat, Repeat”):

A day well spent 🙂

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