Yay! A New Post!

Hi, it’s been long since we’ve published a new post and there are some pics we wanted to share for some time now.

So here, in a chronological order:

1. We’ve been to NYC, for a UML-Shenkar event, and we were all dressed up nicely:

2. When Halloween came, we were hoping for some kids to come trick-or-treat. So we bought a lot of candy, and we put some very complex and indistinguishable costumes:

3. Oh, and last week we’ve been to a hockey game!

4. Friday was my B-day , and it was a great B-day weekend. Eliad surprised me with all sorts, it was so much fun!!!

Well, that’s it for now. I hope Eliad will write the next post, he’s much funnier than I am.

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1 Response to Yay! A New Post!

  1. Nir & Galit says:

    Look at you two all dressed up and looking sharp!! Anyway, Eliad, are those cuff lings you are wearing?? And I see you got yourself one of those state of the art, LED lights, makes you walk silly around the apartment and run away, yawn stopper, chest buttons. Nice!

    Shira, sorry for the late birthday greeting, but here it is:
    Haaaapppy birthday to you… Haaappy birthday to you… Haappy birth day Dear S-h-i-r-aaaa!! HAAAPPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

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