New York x 2

We had a blast in NY, came back with some conclusions and recommendations.

Now I know I haven’t written in a while but now that The semester is over, I have a bit more free time to keep you updated.

Well, we went to NY Sunday-Wednesday and had a blast.
We have some pictures, as you will see in a bit…
We met with some friends and family and caught 2 (off) Broadway shows which we’ve loved.

Lets start with the shows:
1. Sunday night we went down to The Astor Theater on Lafayette street to see the Blue Man Group It was hysterical, these guys are really good. As an added bonus, Shira’s cousin, Eynat, got on stage with them for one of the sketches of the show.
2. Monday night, Shira and I went to see Avenue Q on the World Stages Theater. This was also very funny and we do recommend it.
3. On our last day, we went to see the NBC tour in Rockefeller plaza. Waste of time. Simply look at the outside, it is much better.

1. Just before Avenue Q, we went to the “Original soup guy”, aka Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi”.

And let me tell you, for 7$, it is a very good (VERY) soup! but not as good as the next one:

2. One of our favorite small (tiny) places in the east village (st. Marks pl) is “Xi’an famous foods” (there’s also one in Chinatown and in Flushing). If you drop by in NY, head down there, especially now for winter, and have one of the soups. They are absolutely incredible! and cheap! A warning – they are very authentic so do not be suprised of the “Lamb Face” plates. Also, don’t expect to sit down and don’t come in a group.
3. Not far from the above, “Pomme Frites” have the best Belgian style fries in the area. Be careful though because the portions are big and the line can extend to the outside of the tiny tiny store.
4. If you are into nice coffee and a cupcake in the area, the well known “Crumbs” chain have a kosher branch in Greenwich village. Get coffee and a cupcake and go to the nearby Washington square park if it’s not too cold.
(It was too cold for us)

5. Ask any kosher keeper north of 34th street about a good Shawarma and they will tel you about “Mr. Broadway”. Now FORGET ABOUT IT and go to “Olympic Pita” which is not too far from Mr. Broadway but actually have a nice Shawarma. If you are fans of the famous Shawarma places in Israel, do not expect too much but I think it is as good as it get’s on this side of the globe…
Regarding Mr. Broadway – they season their Shawarma כמנהג אשכנז so it is basically plain Turkey… But then, what can you expect from a place that is across the street from Golda Meir’s memorial (Yes…)

Meanwhile, in Arlington, MA – We had a two day storm so we had snow waiting for us when we got back:

Summary: Had a great time, we can’t wait to do it again.
We leave you with these final pictures:

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  1. iris says:

    I’am not a frog, neither a tree ! then why I’am so green ?? Is it because of the jealousy ?
    ובנימה פולנית: נו אז מה, היה להם כל כך קרררררררר

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