In Shaq we trust

Celtics won game 3 of the series with Miami leading 2-1 overall.
Rondo was unfortunately injured and Shaq, who is recovering from injury, made 2 brief appearances.
Here is another appearance from warm-up:
He missed it BTW, but we love him anyway.

Why are we saying this? This is not a sports blog!

Here is what our correspondent, Shira, has to say:

Yes, we did have a place to put our coats (for non-Hebrew speakers).
The game was very very awesome. We wish Shaq played more, but he is still not 100%.
Shira decided her favorite is Kevin Garnett.

Oh, and I don’t have a way to introduce you to the following picture, so here it is:

I Guess the TD Garden blew my mind… (lame)
Anyway, we are now looking for a way to get to next season’s tickets… Now all we need is a miracle.

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1 Response to In Shaq we trust

  1. Rajan Kharel says:

    In the first picture, Shira looks cool.

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