Storm update 1

OK, first we want to thank everyone who keeps checking up on us after hearing about the hurricane heading this way.

Before continuing with the update I’ll say – I know we haven’t posted in a while and this is a wierd reason to post but I don’t care 🙂

So, on to Irene:
First, everyone in Israel should stop reading Y-Net. Really, they are stupid. One of their headlines was “Broadway closed down”. Really? Broadway? there are evacuations going on on half the eastern seaboard and they have to say “Broadway closed down”?
They also published that New England is going to get “A Hurricane or something similar in strength”. Wow, this is accurate… No, really, I think everyone in the US should tune in to Ynet for updates.
The truth is, the storm is winding down a bit. There has been some tragedies in North Carolina which is very sad but overall, there was a good job preparing for this storm and there will be an even better job recovering from it.

So, Ynet – stop keeping everyone worried in Israel, they are calling me on the oddest hours and waking me up!
One such caller called and said – “OK, call me when it starts”, after he was disappointed to hear from my sleep-choked voice that nothing is happening this morning at 5am local time.

So now – it started! (4:22pm) and you want to know what it’s like?
It’s like having rain.
Yep, it is raining. That’s it.
The storm will arrive tonight and last until tomorrow and it will bring some wind.
Here is the good thing – It could have been raining rockets, like in southern Israel, so I’m not worried about us, I’m worried about you.

We’ll give updates and some pictures if we can. In the meantime – take it down a notch 🙂

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1 Response to Storm update 1

  1. Cousin Avi says:

    Stay safe – don’t run with scissors! 😉

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